Feng Shui Analysis

Properties with up to 3 bedrooms, $899

Properties with 4 bedrooms, $1199

Properties with 5 bedrooms, $1499

An additional $100 will be charged for land areas larger than 500 square meters.

1. Layout of household objects.

2. Feng shui factors and adjustment of house type.

3. Analysis of the direction of good and bad fortune.

4. Survey of the garden and landscape design.

5. The relationship between family members and the home, to resolve various potential sources of negative energy.

6. Evaluation and adjustment of the yearly fortune to improve future prosperity and avert misfortune.

(According to the actual conditions of the quotation, generally $3000)

The following are some of the possible aspects that could be included:

1. An evaluation of the potential Feng Shui of the land on which the building is situated.

2. An examination of how the building’s orientation and external factors may be impacting its Feng Shui, along with recommendations for adjustments.

3. Analysis of the interaction between the building’s shape and the surrounding environment.

4. Assessment of the protective features of the Feng Shui energy map for the property.

5. A Feng Shui analysis of the garden and landscape design for optimal harmony and balance.

The pricing for the consultation will depend on the specifics of the property and the scope of the services provided. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

From $1999. We provide professional Feng Shui assessments to evaluate the internal and external environments of your workplace, factory, retail establishment, and more. Our services include:


1. Site surveying to identify the best locations for your business.

2. Selection of auspicious days for celebrations and grand openings.

3. Feng Shui placement, design, and decoration recommendations to enhance your business’s success.

Tailored to your specific needs based on an individualized quote.


1. An analysis of the location and environment to determine the best site for the Yin House.

2. An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the feng shui elements present in the chosen location.

1. Consultation: Communication with the owner, either online or offline, to determine the required services and provide a quotation.

2. Payment: Fees must be paid before the survey and solution can be conducted.

3. Survey and Solution:


Residential Buildings:

On-site: An on-site survey and communication with the owner will be conducted. Based on the owner’s living requirements and analysis of the on-site feng shui situation, solutions and conditioning will be proposed.


Remote: An on-site survey will be conducted through WeChat and live video. The owner needs to provide the shape and structure orientation map, which will be analysed remotely to propose solutions and conditioning.


Commercial Real Estate and Residential Housing Building Projects: For large real estate projects and commercial feng shui projects that require several days of analysis, the project owner must provide specific information about the project. If feng shui analysis of individual house plans is required, specific building project plans must be provided. Special feng shui survey reports will be provided for the entire project and individual house types.


Note: There will be no extra charge for the analysis service of subsequent projects of the same service.


Taoist ceremony: If difficult problems that cannot be resolved by feng shui adjustment are encountered during the survey, a Taoist ceremony will be conducted to help change the situation. This will require an additional fee.

Bagua Forecasting


1. Relationship Forecast: Predictions and advice for romantic and family relationships.

2. Personal Development Forecast: Analysis and forecasting for education, employment, career path, and personal growth.

3. Investment Forecast: Professional guidance and collaboration for business and investment opportunities.

4. Life Situation Forecast: Prognostication of luck, health, legal matters, and other life situations.

5. Auspicious Day Selection: Choosing an auspicious day for an opening, celebration, wedding banquet, or other events.

1. The client can communicate their needs either online or offline to receive a quote for the Bagua prediction service.

2. Process payment of the fees as agreed upon.

3. The service lasts for 60 minutes, either face-to-face or online. Additional charges may apply for extended time in special circumstances.

4. The service provider will communicate to understand the client’s situation, begin the trigram, and provide predicted results. They will diagnose the cause and offer an appropriate solution.

5. For particularly challenging problems, Taoist ritual ceremony services may be provided at an additional cost.

Taoist Ceremonies

(Pricing varies based on the specific ceremony)

1. Ceremony for peace, blessings, and debt repayment

2. Worship of Tai Sui to eliminate disasters

3. Foundation laying ceremony

4. Ceremony for worshipping gods during festive celebrations

5. Ceremonies for wishing love, wealth, education, and career success.

(Prices vary based on specific ceremony)

1. Ancestral veneration ceremonies

2. Exorcism and tomb burial services for restless spirits

3. Chanting of sutras to help guide departed souls

4. Jilian ceremonies for those who have passed away without family or loved ones to mourn for them.

1. Initiate communication with the client, either online or offline, to determine the required Taoist ritual ceremony service and provide a quotation for the service.

2. Process payment of the fees as agreed upon.

3. The Taoist ritual ceremony can be conducted either online or offline, depending on the client’s preference. The client is required to provide the necessary information needed for the meeting. On the day of the meeting, the client only needs to show up, either online or offline, and no special preparation is required. Our team will prepare the necessary items in advance.

Wealth Enhancement

Visit the Wu Qi De Furnace Society in Sydney to participate in public worship of the God of Wealth. All individuals regardless of their beliefs are welcomed. Worshiping the God of Wealth can bring many blessings, such as joy, abundance, and prosperity, throughout the year.

In the realm of wealth, your treasury represents the amount of money you can possess and accumulate in your life. Without a stable treasury, your finances may fluctuate, unable to accumulate constantly and leave you with little to show for it. That’s why “replenishing the treasury” is one of the most sought-after rituals when worshipping the God of Wealth.

To refill your treasury, you have the option of both onsite and remote services available on the first and third Sundays of each month. By participating in this ritual, you can attract blessings of prosperity and abundance throughout the year.