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Yan Meixi, who also knows as her Taoist name Huimiao, is an Australian Justice of the Peace

Master Yan benefited from immersion in Taoist culture because of her mother in the early years, and Master Yan also studied Taoist culture in-depth by herself when she was younger. She has been practising I Ching prediction in Sydney, Australia, since 2010. In 2015, she was arranged by the Taoist patriarch with the mission to the celestial regulation department to deliver the wishes of believers. As a result, she became the only Gaogong master in Australia with official registration to perform various Taoist rituals, and she also earned the title of “Sydney’s most trusted master of feng shui.” She’s also referred to as “Sydney’s most dependable feng shui master.”


Since arriving in Sydney ten years ago, Master Yan has focused on Feng Shui analysis, I Ching forecasts, Taoist ritual prayers, and business luck consulting. Master Yan has performed rituals for significant Australian banks and real estate developers, and Chinese New Year celebrations held by local governments in Sydney to wish and pray for the happiness and well-being of the populace. Additionally, with great success, she has helped well-known international cosmetic companies arrange branding events. For this, she has won extensive recognition and acclaim from both international clients and business owners. The believers have benefited from master Yan assistance in accelerating their professional and personal goals and in quickly changing the environment so that resolve life issue. She raises people’s understanding of Taoist culture and is committed to assisting them in making positive changes in their lives and resolving issues in line with Taoism and I Ching prophecies.

What can we do for you 

Through professional spirituality and service based on Taoism, we raise the awareness of good faith, solve current problems, achieve thought transformation, improve spirituality, and accumulate positive energy, thus achieving material satisfaction and ultimately spiritual abundance.

Using Taoist culture to enlighten and encourage harmonious communities, we help people to improve the wisdom of their personal lives and increase their awareness of the coexistence of yin and yang, thus realizing the sublimation of good faith thinking to spiritual abundance.

Master Yan use I Ching predictions, home feng shui, and Taoist rituals to help solve the various difficulties they encounter in their lives.

Master Yan provides a link to the divine and a place for spiritual support, so that they can become wise and have a great peace of mind.