Mother of Mercy 2023 Chinese New Year Gala

Get set for the return of a very special cultural event! On Sunday, March 12th, the Concourse Chatswood will hum with activity, colour, live music and performance.  

Showcasing a wide range of classic Chinese performances and featuring creative acts that blend Chinese and Western elements, the 2nd “Mother of Mercy” Concert will delight family audiences. 

Last year’s gala was a runaway success, with 15,000 online viewers and 450 sold-out seats following 7 months of rehearsals by well-known artists, with great media coverage and support from a terrific range of 30+ corporate sponsors.  

The 2023 concert promises to be even bigger and better, with a diverse line-up of performers from traditional lion dancers, martial arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi), a former professional Beijing Opera actor, the Koala Group choir, violinists and a vibrant hip hop team through to talented musicians who play extraordinary traditional instruments – the Guqin, Pingtan, Erhu and Pipa – all listed as part of World Intangible Cultural Heritage.  

An exceptional performance of the sacred “Tao Music Praying for Good luck” will be led by event organiser Master Yan, who is President of the Australian Cultural and Educational Association and a dedicated practitioner of traditional Taoist culture.  

This event promises to bring families together in a joyous celebration of traditional family values and Chinese culture.  

DATE & TIME: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023.  

VENUE: The Concourse Chatswood 

PARKING: The Concourse carparks  

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Buses, trains, and the Metro are all nearby. 

For more information, contact 0410 212 858 by phone; or email: 

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